The minituare level is the level in which things are measured in millimeters and centimeters. It is the first of the other levels you visit in the game, after the base level. It includes small creatures such as mice and bugs, and also includes small pebbles and trash. You can get to this level by descending one time, thus its position is -1.

Ascend- Base Level

Descend: Microscopic Level



The size of the minituare level is that which we can usually explore with a magnifying glass in the real world. Although all of the stuff in this layer is visible to the unaided eye, we tend to not see them in our busy day-to-day lives. The things in this layer range from 1 millimeter to 5 centimeters. They scale appropriately with the same objects found in real life.


The object types found in this layer are:



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