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This is the level in the game in which things are measured in micrometers and nanometers. You can shrink all the way down to this level by descending two times from the base level, thus its position is -2. In this level, you can find all the bacteria, single-celled organisms, pollen, atoms, and other microscopic debris. 

Ascend- Miniature Level

 Descend- Quantum Level 



The size of this level in the game is quite small; none of the things in this part can be seen with the unaided eye. All objects in this layer require a microscope in order to properly see them. The objects in this zone are not too accurate with real sizes (since atoms should not be in a comparable size to bacteria), so the smallest object is 100 nanometers and the largest object is 500 micrometers. 


This is a list of all object types found in this layer:


-Single-Celled Organisms