This is the level in the game where things are measured in kilometers. Once you gain the ability to Ascend, you will be able to get to this level, thus its position is 1. On this level, you will not only find Landforms, but also clouds, ships, and water animals. 

Descend- Base Level

Ascend- Planetary Level

Landforms, Clouds, Hot Air Balloons


In respect to objects in the previous level, the base level, this is infinite. You can continue moving and never find the end of the continent. However, other objects such as ships that are also in this area can give reference to the size of the landforms. The size of the objects here appear to be the size of small islands. If they were actually real-life continents, they would need to be a thousand times larger. Thus the level of this layer tends to be from 100 meters to 10 kilometers.


Here is a list of the types of objects found in this layer:




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