This is the level in the game in which things are measured with astronomical units of measure. Once you ascend three times from the base level, you can acheive this level, thus its position is 3. Here, you can find star systems, galaxies, nebulae, and star clusters. 

Ascend: Quantum Level

Descend: Planetary Level

A Galaxy and a Star


As with the previous layer, this layer of size is not to scale with that in real life, taking on distances of 1000 km to 500,000 km instead of trillions of kilometers. However, this is perfectly okay because the game respects the scale of objects and does not need to be 100% accurate in order to acheive this goal. The game is designed to be fun, and if it were true to life, it would take hours or even days to get to the next star in one galaxy due to the incomprehensible distances between them. 


This is a list of all object types in this layer:


-Star Clusters


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